Business Mentoring & Consultancy

Merendi is a female entrepreneur with over 18 years experience in the Health and Wellness Industry and business world. She combines her experience and knowledge in a 'no frills'​ way and does not do the hard sell like some other Business Coaches.

Merendi loves sharing her knowledge, skills and experience with other like-minded women (and men too!) as she knows all too well the challenges of starting and growing a business and/or career in a male-dominant world. 

Merendi is a vibrant and a very giving professional whom loves collaborating with like-minded people and watch their businesses take-off or move to the next level. She uses a variety of tools and techniques to help achieve your business goals.

Her philosophy is not about having 'world domination'​, but about making a 'real difference' to your chosen industry.

She offers business mentoring and consultancy services for the love of sharing her ideas and expertise, not for the cash cow.

Merendi has extensive experience in;

  • business start-ups,
  • maternity leave succession planning in small business, 
  • grant and tender applications, 
  • creating collaborations, 
  • health advocacy, 
  • non-for-profit governance, running government health programs,
  • business networking, 
  • social media,
  • writing,
  • development and facilitation of training & education programs (internal & external), 
  • business systems and processes,
  • development and review of workplace policies (HR, WHS, Ethics, EEO),
  • Clinical Education,
  • Staff training,
  • workplace corporate wellness.