Early Intervention & Injury Prevention


I provide expert advice and conduct assessments to ensure your employees are at lower risk of sustaining a workplace injury. I offer a range of preventative services aimed at decreasing the number of sick days, loss time injury rate and workers compensation claims within your business.    
These services include: 

  • Manual Handling & Injury Prevention Training
  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessments 
  • Industry Ergonomics
  • Worksite Hazard and Risk Assessments
  • Injury Management Education
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations   

I provide professional advice on how your business can: 

  • Minimise risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • Decrease your costs associated with sick days, lost time injuries and workers compensation claims  
  • Improve staff productivity 
  • Ensure safe work patterns    

At the completion of all assessments I provide your management team with a comprehensive report confirming my findings and recommendations to improve problem areas and how these improvements will save you money in the long run.   
Does your company have the following issues or challenges?   

  • Poor employee health &/or fitness
  • High number of near misses and/or minor accidents
  • Poor safe work practices
  • High number of workplace injuries and/or injury aggravations

My Early Intervention consultancy services will assist you; 

  • Improve overall staff health
  • Improve staff work fitness and function
  • Improve safe work practices
  • Decrease near misses and/or minor accidents
  • Decrease the number of workplace injuries and/or injury aggravations