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Merendi Health and Wellness is a one-stop, holistic health care practice. Our multidisciplinary team provide services specialising in preventing and managing chronic disease and injuries, with a particular interest in guiding women to better health and vitality. Our effective approach to health combines education, hands-on workshops, nutritional advice, massage and exercise programs, so equipping clients with information, tools and support needed to achieve results and enhance quality of life.

Merendi Leverett-Bowler literally started her business from the boot of her car in 2005. Merendi had infant twin boys when her mother suggested she run an exercise class for new mums and their newborns—“Mums & Bubs”. As a new mother Merendi fully understood the importance of good health during pregnancy and after giving birth. Merendi is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a special interest in chronic disease management and injury rehabilitation. In her earlier years as an Exercise Physiologist, Merendi was part of a multidisciplinary team of allied health practitioners. She saw the great benefits her clients received from a number of experts, not just one. Thus began her ‘dream’ of a multidisciplinary health centre. Merendi’s dream became a reality in December 2007 when, with a newborn, she moved into her current premises and began transforming it into a one-stop health and wellness centre. While it’s taken 20 months create a great team of caring health practitioners, Merendi knows her business ‘dream’ will grow with more practitioners.

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