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Merendi holistic healer

How? Crystal Healing

Crystal clear

When it comes to alternative medicine, healing crystals are the latest treatment gaining favour.

Once synonymous with the hippie lifestyle, the crystal healing craze has gone mainstream.
Fashion icon Victoria Beckham swears by the alluring magical powers of beautiful rocks.
Bohemian babe Kate Hudson infuses her moisturiser with stones to release good vibes.
Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, and Miranda Kerr are also all big fans.
So, with celebrities on board, and crystals now at the fashion forefront, we decided to check out what this new fad is all about.

What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative technique where different minerals and gemstones are used to harness the earth’s energy and redirected it to cure and protect the mind and body.
An array of crystals are used depending on what mental and physical ailments are the issue, including anxiety, pain, fatigue, and skin conditions, says Holistic healer Merendi Leverette.
“It’s all about using energy healing, and a lot of people might be a bit sceptical about that, but for other people having crystals placed on them, they really respond to that. “It’s not just about physical healing. It’s also about self healing. Crystals are tangible, and they can really help people calm down and become more centred.”
Commonly crystals are used by holding them while meditating. Wearing them on jewellery or in clothes has also become popular.
Many crystal lovers also like to have larger pieces around the home.
As a general rule, Leverette says the colour of crystals align with the colours of the chakra.
“So, if you want to feel grounded things like black tourmaline, tigers’ eye, anything in those earth tones,” she says.
“Heart chakra is always associated with the colours green and pink so, malachite or rose quartz are common ones for this.”
Amethyst helps ease anxiety, and yellow, orange, and red coloured stones are suitable for healing your sexual energy, she adds.
Generally, people use smaller stones known as tumblers. But rocks also come in palm stones, spheres, and towers.

Crystal connection

Among the crystal converts is Geelong-based fashion stylist Renee Enright.
For years she’s been collecting stones of all shapes and sizes, attracted to their beauty and benefits.
“I started with bigger statement pieces around the home and have since come to rely on them for a multitude of reasons,” she says.
“I tend to wear smaller stones on my body – in my bra or carry in my handbag or clothing – usually when I’m feeling like I need extra support emotionally, mentally, or facing a situation that may feel overwhelming, or that would generally lead to nervous tension and anxiousness.
“I find crystals work to balance out my energy and give me a sense of calm and control.”
When asked about how she responds to the sceptics, Renee says crystals are not for everyone.
“Like any good debate, I would say their opinions are valid. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing.”

The rocky details

While crystal healing has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, this alternative treatment won’t cure cancer or help perform miracles.
Leverette explains crystal healing is more about emotional and spiritual wellbeing rather than being a direct treatment for serious sickness and disease.
“Crystal healing or any alternative healing, in general, doesn’t work in isolation,” she says.
“It’s definitely something to use complementary to Western medicine.”
It’s a view shared by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners President Dr Karen Price, who warns against believing any practitioners claiming crystals can cure serious problems.
“I wish I could tell you that crystal healing is the path to better health and wellbeing, but I am afraid medicine is not that easy,” she says.
“Crystal healing is nothing but pseudoscience and has no proven therapeutic benefits. Maybe it looks nice from an aesthetic point of view, but it is similar to a rainbow. Crystals, like rainbows, have a solid scientific explanation – but neither of these have healing properties with the exception of aesthetic appeal and hope.”

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