Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy


We provide effective and result focused occupational rehabilitation and workplace health & safety consultancy services’ ensuring your business gets the outcomes needed to ensure safe work practices and to return your employees to work faster and safely.   

Our Occupational Rehabilitation Workplace Health & Safety consultancy services in Brisbane include:   

  • Return to Work Planning/Forecasting
  • Developing Return to Work Procedures & Policies
  • Self Insurance Application Preparation & Support
  • Worksite visits
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Rehabilitation Management System development and review
  • WHS System development and reviews
  • Development of Suitable Duties Lists 
  • Rehabilitation Case Management of non-work related injuries/health conditions      

Our Return to Work & Workplace Health and Safety Consultancy services will achieve the following outcomes for your business;    

  • Decrease the number of lost time injuries and sick days
  • Ensure a safe and effective return to work program
  • Ensure employees return to work earlier
  • Increase staff morale, thus improving workplace culture and education     

We provide the following services when working as a part of my consultancy, but not limited to; 

  • Arrange and coordinate rehabilitation and return to work strategies
  • Assist with the development and implementation of the business’ rehabilitation system
  • Liaise with relevant Insurance Schemes relevant to your employee's non-work related injury/health condition
  • Manage effective workplace relationships 
  • Train staff in how to identify and manage workplace injuries
  • Manage applications to various Regulatory Authorities          

Does your company have the following issues or challenges?

  • High number of lost time injuries (days off work on workers compensation)
  • No staff member dedicated or solely responsible for the role of Rehabilitation Coordinator
  • Poor management of injured workers and unsure of who is off on Workers Compensation
  • Slow and poor return to work timeframes for injured workers
  • Minimal success at returning injured workers to original position     

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