Exercise Physiology


I deliver high quality individualised, goal orientated and results focused exercise physiology and health coaching services for 4 main types of health issues: 1) People suffering a chronic health condition such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue and Osteoporosis; 2) People recovering from workplace or personal injury; 3) pre & post-surgery musculoskeletal rehabilitation - people whom need to be physically and functionally fit before having surgery and for people whom want to regain near 100% range of movement and fitness after having surgery 4) Women who want to maintain or improve their baseline level of health in particular during pregnant, post-natal, and those experiencing menopause.  

My clients choose to see me because I provide services which are personalised to your needs as well as holistic in nature ensuring I consider all aspects of your health & wellness. The support and guidance I provide will empower you to make positive lifestyle changes.