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Merendi Leverett_Holistic Healing_Holistic Heath and Wellness

How? Crystal Healing

When it comes to alternative medicine, healing crystals have captured the attention...
Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ Exercise it's the magic pill Blog Article

Exercise: It’s the magic pill

Discover the "magic pill" for good health - exercise! It improves blood...
Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ Decrease Stress Blog Article

Human Design

In the realm of spiritual and healing practices, a buzz has been...
Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ 5 exercise tips for busy women Blog Article

5 Exercise tips for busy women

I incorporate exercise into what I am doing once I am home...
Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ Decrease Stress Blog Article

Decreasing Stress

Many people want to know how to decrease the amount of stress...
Merendi Leverett_Being more active as a family Blog Post

Being more active as a Family

From picnics and beach trips to gardening and cooking together, there are...
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Essentially Women

Looking for a holistic approach to your health? Merendi Health offers a...
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How is an Exercise Physiologist different to a Physiotherapist?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) defines the clinical exercise physiologist...

Numerology and how it can help you plan your life and/or business

Numerology is a belief system that assigns numerical values to letters in...
Merendi Health_Merendi Holistic Healer_How To Heal Your Own Chakras

How To Heal Your Own Chakras

Chakras, the energetic centers within our bodies, play a vital role in...


What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An exercise physiologist is ideally suited to provide professional services in exercise as a treatment strategy for physical rehabilitation, disease prevention, and work hardening to establish and sustain functional independence.
Unlike physiotherapists, our exercise physiologists do not treat acute injuries with a “hands-on” approach. Instead, we prescribe exercise programs and offer advice on health and fitness related to a patient’s current physical capacities and medical conditions.
We also help people improve their physical and functional tolerances to enable them to return to their pre-injury duties or even to complete daily activities of life. We achieve this by designing customised exercise programs aimed at not only improving a person’s physical strength but also their functional strength (work fitness).

Ready to improve your overall
physical and mental wellbeing?

Exercise Physiology

We deliver high quality individualised, goal orientated and results focused exercise physiology and health coaching.


Providing expert advice in spiritual guidance, helping to heal hearts and souls and finding your life's purpose.

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