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Exercise Physiology & Health Coaching

I deliver high quality individualised, goal orientated and results focused exercise physiology and health coaching services for 4 main types of health issues: 1) People suffering a chronic health condition such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung Disease, Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue and Osteoporosis; 2) People recovering from workplace or personal injury; 3) pre & post-surgery musculoskeletal rehabilitation - people whom need to be physically and functionally fit before having surgery and for people whom want to regain near 100% range of movement and fitness after having surgery 4) Women who want to maintain or improve their baseline level of health in particular during pregnant, post-natal, and those experiencing menopause.

My clients choose to see me because I provide services which are personalised to your needs as well as holistic in nature ensuring I consider all aspects of your health & wellness. The support and guidance I provide will empower you to make positive lifestyle changes.

Early Intervention/Injury Prevention Consultancy

I provide expert advice and conduct assessments to ensure your employees are at lower risk of sustaining a workplace injury. I offer a range of preventative services aimed at decreasing the number of sick days, loss time injury rate and workers compensation claims within your business.    

These services include: 

  • Manual Handling & Injury Prevention Training
  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessments 
  • Industry Ergonomics
  • Worksite Hazard and Risk Assessments
  • Injury Management Education
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations   

I provide professional advice on how your business can: 

  • Minimise risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace
  • Decrease your costs associated with sick days, lost time injuries and workers compensation claims  
  • Improve staff productivity 
  • Ensure safe work patterns    

At the completion of all assessments I provide your management team with a comprehensive report confirming my findings and recommendations to improve problem areas and how these improvements will save you money in the long run.   

Does your company have the following issues or challenges?   

  • Poor employee health &/or fitness
  • High number of near misses and/or minor accidents
  • Poor safe work practices
  • High number of workplace injuries and/or injury aggravations

My Early Intervention consultancy services will assist you; 

  • Improve overall staff health
  • Improve staff work fitness and function
  • Improve safe work practices
  • Decrease near misses and/or minor accidents
  • Decrease the number of workplace injuries and/or injury aggravations 

Return to Work & Workplace Health and Safety Consultancy

I provide effective and result focused occupational rehabilitation and workplace health & safety consultancy services’ ensuring your business gets the outcomes needed to ensure safe work practices and to return your employees to work faster and safely.   

My Occupational Rehabilitation Workplace Health & Safety consultancy services in Brisbane include:   

  • Return to Work Planning/Forecasting
  • Developing Return to Work Procedures & Policies
  • Self Insurance Application Preparation & Support
  • Worksite visits
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Rehabilitation Management System development and review
  • WHS System development and reviews
  • Development of Suitable Duties Lists 
  • Rehabilitation Case Management of non-work related injuries/health conditions      

My Return to Work & Workplace Health and Safety Consultancy services will achieve the following outcomes for your business;    

  • Decrease the number of lost time injuries and sick days
  • Ensure a safe and effective return to work program
  • Ensure employees return to work earlier
  • Increase staff morale, thus improving workplace culture and education     

I can provide the following services when working as a part of my consultancy, but not limited to; 

  • Arrange and coordinate rehabilitation and return to work strategies
  • Assist with the development and implementation of the business’ rehabilitation system
  • Liaise with relevant Insurance Schemes relevant to your employee's non-work related injury/health condition
  • Manage effective workplace relationships 
  • Train staff in how to identify and manage workplace injuries
  • Manage applications to various Regulatory Authorities          


Does your company have the following issues or challenges?

  • High number of lost time injuries (days off work on workers compensation)
  • No staff member dedicated or solely responsible for the role of Rehabilitation Coordinator
  • Poor management of injured workers and unsure of who is off on Workers Compensation
  • Slow and poor return to work timeframes for injured workers
  • Minimal success at returning injured workers to original position     

My Return To Work Consultancy services can assist you in;    

  • Decreasing lost time injuries rates,
  • Offering an external provider to conduct all Rehabilitation Coordinator duties,
  • Improving the management of injured workers,
  • Returning injured workers back to work in a timely and safe manner,
  • Returning 100% of injured staff to their original position.

Rehabilitation Consultancy in Brisbane

Manual Handling training in Brisbane

Rehabilitation Consultancy in Brisbane


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Our Team

Merendi Leverett

Merendi Leverett graduated from Central Queensland University in June 1998 with a Bachelor of Human Movement Science, and from Queensland University of Technology in June 2000 with a Graduate Diploma of Health Science (majoring in Human Movement with a specialisation in Exercise Rehabilitation). She has also completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, which compliments her delivery of education programs in areas such as manual handling, injury prevention, and both community and corporate health education.

Merendi has been working in the areas of occupational rehabilitation, early intervention services, injury management, chronic disease management and health education for 20 years. She has reached the highest level of accreditation with ESSA as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), which allows her to see clients referred under health schemes such as Medicare, Department of Veteran Affairs, Workers Compensation, Life/Income Protection and NDIS.   

Merendi has been in private practice for 16 years and has extensive experience working with clients whom have chronic injuries, chronic fatigue, rheumatologic disorders, and pregnancy/post-natal related conditions. Merendi's individually developed exercise programs are for people of all ages and fitness levels. She has a fresh and vibrant, but structured approach to her intervention, thus ensuring that you stay highly motivated and focused on achieving your goals, whilst also having fun along the way.  

Merendi has been delivering a range of health education programs to corporate groups and general population for 10 years and has also delivered many “Preventative Health” programs including “Reset Your Life” and “HEAL”. She has also created her own DVD (yet to be released) on Type 2 Diabetes Management and has also been a regular guest presenter on a variety of topics – pregnancy and exercise, Exercise & Diabetes, injuries and exercise rehabilitation at variety of events, conferences and expos over the past 7 years.   

Merendi is also an experienced Rehabilitation Consultant. She has worked for a number of Self Insured companies assisting them in returning their injured employees successfully to their pre-employment positions. Merendi has excellent skills in developing goal-orientated rehabilitation and return to work plans. She is a qualified Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator with Q-Comp and is a recognised rehabilitation provider with Comcare (Federal Workers Compensation). Merendi also provides consultancy services to individuals and businesses in the areas of Injury Prevention and Early Intervention services. She also specialises in providing advice to employers on all aspects related to non-work related injuries and how to best support their employees back to work.     

Merendi has also been writing in the areas of health and well-being for the past 10 years. Some of her work has been featured in many online and print-based magazines and newspapers nationally.     Merendi was also approached some years ago to be the ‘health expert’ on the product Revitive ( due to her extensive experience in the area of health and exercise. She was asked to write an article on ‘exercise and leg circulation in women’ that was promoted nationally throughout Australia. As part of this campaign she was also requested to do a radio interview about this topic.   

Merendi is approached regularly by freelance writers to provide ‘comments’ or be interviewed on various health issues and topics current in the media for national newspapers and magazines such as “Herald Sun” and “Weight Watchers”.   

Merendi has co-contributed to a book titled "Therapeutic Physical Activities" edited by Li Li and Shuqi Zhang. The title of her chapter is “Therapeutic physical activities for people with low back pain”.   Merendi has also written her own E-Book on “How exercise can assist in the management of Chronic Diseases” (yet to be released).   

On a personal note, Merendi is a mother to 13 year old non-identical twin sons, 10 year old and 3 year old daughters, and a 15mth old son. Since becoming a mum in 2004 Merendi now understands and appreciates the importance of good health and exercise during pregnancy and after giving birth. Since this time she has developed a specialist interest in developing specific exercise programs for women during their pregnancy and post-birth, due to her own experiences of pregnancy, child birth and raising children. Merendi herself knows the time constraints of mothers and offers exercise programs tailored to fit in with every mother's busy life.    

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