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5 Exercise tips for busy women

Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ 5 exercise tips for busy women Blog Article

1. How do you motivate yourself to do exercise after getting home from work, especially if it’s dark?

I incorporate exercise into what I am doing once I am home whether it be cooking dinner or bathing the children. I perform functional type exercises that do not require equipment. E.g. kitchen bench push ups, bath tricep dips, lunges, squats, calf raises.

Having a treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike set up in the living room or a room that has a TV is also a great way to get some extra cardio. Rather than sitting on the couch you use the treadmill, cross trainer or bike whilst watching your favourite TV show or news.

Another great idea, especially for those who experience back, neck or shoulder pain is to sit on an exercise ball and do some core stability exercises. Not only are you improving your balance and core stability, you are also decreasing the symptoms associated with back pain from prolonged sitting.

2. How much does a woman’s health and fitness affect her capacity to work? ie stronger body/stronger mind etc

A woman’s health and fitness does affect her capacity to work. By keeping yourself relatively fit (and I am not meaning ‘gym junkie’) – spending up to 30 min a day is current recommendation, and always choose healthy food options (avoiding take away and foods high in fat and sugar) you will discover that you have more energy, be more productive at work and home, less pre-menstrual symptoms, less stress and less fatigue at the end of the day.

By exercising daily this will help decrease stress by reducing cortisol (a stress hormone) and increase the good happy chemicals endorphins, which are responsible for making you feel happy. And when you feel happy and less stressed, you are more productive!

3. Is it possible to have it all – good job, good lifestyle etc how do you fit it all in? i.e. timetabling, marking in diary etc

Yes it is possible – women are generally great a multi-tasking, especially when you run your own business and have a family to take care of. The best way to make sure you include ‘time-out’ for yourself, whether it is to exercise, relax or pamper yourself. You need to make an appointment with yourself. Put in your diary, so that everyone, including yourself knows about it and DO NOT change it because someone needs to meet with you. If there is an emergency – work or personal do not cancel this appointment, reschedule it to another time in the day. A lot of my clients find that if they schedule time first thing in the morning before going to work to exercise, then they feel more invigorated to start their day and also they don’t feel guilty when the end of the day comes and they are too tired to exercise.

Another option is rather than meeting a friend for lunch or coffee meet them for an exercise session. This way you can catch up on all the gossip, whilst also getting a great workout.

4. What are the three best exercises for time-poor women?

  • Any exercise that does not involve the gym or a lot of equipment;
  • Wall or kitchen bench push ups,
  • Tricep dips on the edge of bath or kitchen bench,
  • Lunges down the hallway,
  • Squats with a washing basket,
  • Calf raises on a foot stool or on a step,
  • Stair climbing

5. What are some expert tips to help women exercise more?

  • Plan to exercise – if you put it in your diary like an appointment, you will do it,
  • Exercise with a friend/partner – when there is someone else counting on you being there you are less likely to ‘not do it’,
  • Record your progress – steps, repetitions, weight, time etc
  • Include the kids – put them in the pram or on their bikes and go for a walk,
  • Choose a variety of exercise – don’t stick to the one exercise routine, mix it up a little to keep yourself interested and motivated,
  • Participate in activities that are not seen as ‘standard’ exercise – dancing, ice-skating, roller blading/roller skating, surfing,
  • If you are still stuck or scared you may hurt yourself get some expert advice from a Personal Trainer or Exercise Physiologist.

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