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Merendi holistic healer

Human Design

Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ Decrease Stress Blog Article

In the realm of spiritual and healing practices, a buzz has been growing around Human Design. Many healers and alternative health practitioners are incorporating this system into their work to provide clients with a deeper understanding of themselves.

How? Crystal Healing

When it comes to alternative medicine, healing crystals have captured the attention of many, transcending their once-hippie associations to become a mainstream trend.

Essentially Women

Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physio_Holistic Healer

Looking for a holistic approach to your health? Merendi Health offers a range of services to prevent and manage chronic disease and injuries, with a focus on guiding women to better health and vitality.

Exercise: It’s the magic pill

Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ Exercise it's the magic pill Blog Article

Discover the “magic pill” for good health – exercise! It improves blood glucose levels, reduces cholesterol, and helps prevent chronic pain and depression.

5 Exercise tips for busy women

Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_ 5 exercise tips for busy women Blog Article

I incorporate exercise into what I am doing once I am home whether it be cooking dinner or bathing the children. I perform functional type exercises that do not require equipment. E.g. kitchen bench push ups, bath tricep dips, lunges, squats, calf raises.

How is an Exercise Physiologist different to a Physiotherapist?

Merendi Leverett_Exercise Physiology_Holistic Heath and Wellness_Rehabilitation Consultancy

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) defines the clinical exercise physiologist as someone who:
“…works in the application of exercise and physical activity for those clinical and pathological situations where it has shown to provide therapeutic or functional benefit.”

Being more active as a Family

Merendi Leverett_Being more active as a family Blog Post

From picnics and beach trips to gardening and cooking together, there are plenty of fun and easy ways to incorporate physical activity into your family’s routine.

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